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Since earning his degree in film at the Watkins College of Art and Design, B.C. Jones has directed and produced numerous shorts, commercials, music videos, and sketch comedy bits. Two of his short films have been accepted into numerous prestigious film festivals and have garnered awards.


His work has been featured on Crave Online, 366 Weird Movies, and Ain’t it Cool News. He’s worked as a director, a producer, an editor, a first assistant director and a hired screenwriter. In 2005, he produced a music video for the band “Mindless Self Indulgence” which spent three months straight at the top of the myspace music video charts. B.C. Jones has also directed numerous sketches for the comedy duo Red State Update and their creative collaborations have collectively garnered millions of views on youtube.  


His films often tackle unusual subject matter and are constructed in a style unique to his personal vision. A filmmaker obsessed with the macabre, the surreal and the absurd; the audacious works of B.C. Jones continue to push the art of cinema to new horizons.

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